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Fund seeks to clear doubts about investing in psychedelic stocks – The Royal Gazette

Asset managers professionals, angel VCs and others interested in learning and networking with industry advocates have been invited to participate in a lunchtime webinar on Thursday to explore investing in psychedelic technology.

The $60-million Conscious Fund invests in global early-stage ventures in psychedelic medicine, helping deliver better outcomes for mental health, addiction and pain.

Bermuda has been included as part of its Caribbean outreach, as the fund seeks investors through this webinar.

It said: “As a centre of financial services and capital management, Bermuda is an early entrant in new investing trends and is an ideal launchpad for biotech and pharmaceutical investments. Companies with international centres use the Caribbean region as a hub for financial and intellectual property holdings.

“This live event is dedicated to those of high net worth, as well as asset management consultants, family offices, entrepreneurs and angel investors.”

Conscious Fund founding partner Henri Sant-Cassia said: “When the psychedelic market first appeared, many serious investors were skeptical – newcomers wondering exactly how legal this new industry is — and whether now is the time to put money into it.”

The latest results from a clinical trial to treat PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) showed the promise of a stigmatised drug, MDMA, to treat anxiety and depression at a time when Covid-19 has raised global awareness of the toll of mental health conditions.

The webinar organisers said that the latest research is targeting treatment markets such as traumatic brain injury and cognitive decline. And micro-dosing experiments also reported (non-scientific) beneficial outcomes.

The fund said that investing in the next evolution of mental health care is an honourable endeavour but there is more to it than just altruism.

The Bermuda connection is business consultant Jacqueline Lopez, who is a fund partner.

She is also a life partner of a cancer survivor who found relief using the hallucinogenic compound psilocybin.

Ms Lopez said: “The truth is, while providing the best-in-breed psychedelics companies with the early-stage capital necessary to bring these treatments to market, the potential returns on these investments are really what’s bringing most investors and business leaders to the table.

“Some notable companies include CompassPathways (UK), Mind Medicine, Numinus Wellness (both from Canada), and The Beckley Foundation (UK).”

Webinar presenters include industry experts such as Peter Reitano, who will discuss the topic “Beyond the Medicalisation of Psychedelics: the Next Big Investment Opportunity is the Consumer.”

Gregg Peterson’s topic is: “What Intellectual Property in this Space is Truly Differentiating, and Protects a Company’s Asset? You Might be Surprised.”

Other presenters include Richard Skaife, Mr Sant-Cassia and Ms Lopez who will be sharing industry data-driven insights followed by a period for questions.

Organisers say that the Conscious Fund is the most active early-stage venture fund in the psychedelic medicine space.

It invests in drug discovery, clinics, addiction programmes, retreats, AI, telemedicine, media and training. Its global, platform-based approach helps transform outcomes for patients with mental health, addiction and chronic pain issues.

The fund has backed 21 of the leading companies in the sector, spanning drug discovery, clinics, addiction, AI and media, and has incubated 13 projects including The Psychedelic Medicine Association, the first psychedelic medicine SPAC and media leader Microdose, one of the first profitable companies in the industry.

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Find out more about The Conscious Fund:

Jacqueline Lopez, Conscious Fund partner and business consultant

Henri Sant-Cassia, Conscious Fund founding partner. He is a lawyer and also a founding partner in The Cannabis Fund, a VC fund dedicated to pioneering medical cannabis and impact investment hemp projects in Europe and Asia (Photograph supplied)

Gregg Peterson, Bexson Biomedical CEO, has more than 20 years of experience developing pharmaceutical, medical device, biologic and combination products, leading to the launch of 12 products globally (Photograph supplied)

Peter Reitano, CEO, Gwella, who leads a team of mushroom scientists and product creators building health and wellness solutions (Photograph supplied)

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