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Elevating the human experience through innovating standardized pathways to alternative pharmacological solutions that are proven to provide improved wellness outcomes. Advancements in alternative medicine, supplements, and psychedelic pharmacology.


Auvega Labs Inc is entering an estimated $34.5 Billion industry.

$600,000 CAD


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Reasons To Invest

  • Leadership team brought together through diverse and extensive experience driving acquisition, development, formulation, manufacturing, and direct-to-consumer distribution.
  • Financially sustainable integrated wellness assets that are complementary to the evolving psychedelic industry.
  • Building an innovatory, standardized, and quality-controlled mushroom spawn and substrate cultivation facility.
  • Defined route to capture nutraceuticals and superfoods market share to proactively elevate global wellness through ‘over the counter’ consumer packaged goods.

Outdated Treatments

"Psychedelics would open new avenues for future research and improve the lives of many"


Non-adherence rates to antidepressants.


Of adults with MDD are "treatment-resistant"


Of patients on an antidepressant medication do not recover fully.


Increase in U.S. antidepressant and anti-anxiety drugs during the COVID-19 quarantine.

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Therapy of Lung inflammation - Fibrosis treatments

The company is formalizing the IP of pulmonary fibrosis application combine with psilocybin which new research is becoming prevalent and proven that mushrooms reduce inflammation in the lungs. The company through its R&D division Auvega Labs will complete the necessary patents applications. This will be a first mover not only in treating lung transplant COPD, smokers and fibrosis of the lungs patients but more importantly could help treat covid symptoms.   

Botanical Psychedelic Therapeutics & Nutraceutical

In 2021, AUVEGA plans to advance its pursuit of treatments underpinned by psychedelic substances through clinical trials; assembling the most compelling IP portfolio, clinical pipeline and drug development platform in the psychedelics space and Europe with a focus on Corporate Development and Finance.

Functional Mushrooms​

Auvega Labs Inc. has established a profitable portfolio of integrated wellness assets to fund advancements in alternative medicine, supplements and psychedelic pharmacology.

App development

Unique in its kind in that it combines modern protocols with ancient practices that have been tested over centuries to create an experience that guides you towards deep reflection and lasting growth. 

What Makes Auvega Different?

Leadership Team

Directed by the world’s leading experts in psychedelic treatment, Auvega’s scientific advisory board is currently engaging leading universities and research teams.

Financing Round

Well-defined 6- month financial rounds towards our product suite and IPO.

Complementary Initiatives

Directed by the world’s leading experts in psychedelic treatment, Auvega’s scientific advisory board is currently engaging leading universities and research teams.

Clinical Development Pipeline

Ability to develop a robust clinical pipe-line across a range of global sites.

Market Opportunity

$16 B

Size of the antidepressant drug market as of 2019 with an expected growth rate of 4.9% CAGR through 2026.

$13 B

Size of the medicinal mushroom market with an expected growth rate of 9.4% CAGR by 2026.

$5.5 B

Size of the telepsychiatry market with an expected growth rate of 24.7% CAGR from 2020-2027.

Big Pharma and Institutional Involvement

Major pharmaceutical companies are getting involved in psychedelic medicine.

Johnson and Johnson Esketamine (synthetic) product Spravato had multiple indications approved by the FDA.

Non-Profits: MAPS received donations of $30 million over 6 months for its research on MDMA
Universities: John Hopkins University ($27 million USD), Imperial College London
Government: DARPA $17 million Dollars Pouring In: $250 million USD invested in the first half of 2020, with projected growth at 16.3% CAGR


How can I place my investment?

Please CLICK HERE for access to our investment page

When will the fully executed subscription agreement be sent?

The subscription agreement will be sent in a period of ten business days. If there are any AML (anti-money laundering) issues, this process may be delayed.

How long does payment process time take?
5-7 business days
What payment options are available?

ACH, Credit card, Wire transfer

Do you need to be an accredited investor?

NO, we are accepting non-accredited investors.

Will you send a stock certificate or other "proof" of investment?
Yes, a fully executed subscription agreement will be sent to you once you have funded your investment and our Compliance Team has cleared your account of any anti-money laundering exceptions
How do I contact the company for assistance?


Phone: 604-670 0019

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